Sai Vishram’s

Vegetarian, No-Alcohol Policy

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Dear Guest,

Our Vegetarian, No-Alcohol policy has always intrigued many, and prompted enquiries on the extent to which it is applicable. For example, guests have asked us if they can bring their own alcohol/non vegetarian food, if they can consume alcohol/non vegetarian food outside and enter the premises, etc.

The answer to the above enquiries is a polite NO.

Keeping in mind the genre of guests that choose to visit us, we would like our guests to know there is nothing wrong with consuming non vegetarian food or alcohol. We are not here to judge people and their preferences, nor are we activists of vegetarianism. We are simply providing our guests with a choice – AN ALCOHOL AND MEAT FREE PROPERTY. And in order to maintain the sanctity of this choice which we are offering our guests, we do not, and will not make any compromises.

In today’s aggressively marketed tourism industry, we make a sincere effort to ensure that we communicate the choices we offer our guests unambiguously. In spite of this, we do have rare attempts to violate our policies, either intentionally, or by misinformed guests. We would like to assure guests who visit us for the facilities we provide, that such cases are handled immediately, without looking at the financial implications.

That said, we are overwhelmed by the response to our concept and policies. We rarely have any attempts or instances of violations. Most of our guests respect us for being forthcoming and proactive and we reciprocate with pure and simple service from the heart.

We welcome you to Sai Vishram and will ensure your stay is pleasant.